Dance Company "Pasìon Gitana"

“Pasion Gitana” is a dance company founded in 1994 by Caterina Costa, dancer and coreographer.
It puts together young dancers of different generations and trends, each with a totally individual style, but who share a deep passion for Flamenco.
A passion which comes out from the desire to narrate the story and the emotions of a rite of far origins.
The coreographies taken onto stage by the components of the group have been created to express and emphasize to its best the technique and the aestethic of a pure and modern Flamenco style, teeming with feminine sensuality and masculin strength, represented by a ritmic and greatly allusive game.


- 1992 Sicily. The company takes in the theatres of the cities of Modica and Vittoria and everywhere in Italy the performance “Pasion Gitana”, which later, in 1994, will name the company itself.

- 1993 Milan. They take part, with the performance“Pasion Gitana”, in the week dedicated to spanish culture, organized by Ente del Turismo Spagnolo, which took place in the prestigious hotel Principe di Savoia; guests: the bailaor Rafael Campallo, the guitar player José Carrillo e the cantaor Juan El Maera.

  • - 1994 Rome. They take part in a show dedicated to the gipsy Flamenco at the Asociacion Cultural Espanola, with the famous bailaor Joselito Fernandez, the guitar players Miguel Santiago, José Carrillo and the cantaores El Yaya, El Maera and El Pico. With the same group they will performe in the Europa Festival in Ferentino within the night entitled “Poesia notturna”.

    - 1995. The company Pasion Gitana works on its new performace called “Noche Flamenca” for the following events of the season 1996:
    - Roma, Teatro Argentina
    - Roma, Festival “Invito alla Danza” in Villa Celimontana
    - Tagliacozzo (L’Aquila), Mezzaestate Festival
    - Acqui Terme (AL), Dance Festival
    - Pozzuoli (NA), Festival “La Cultura del Mito” in Villa Avellino

    - 1997 Marina di Pietrasanta (LU). They take part in the festival “La Cersiliana”, obtaining great success of critics and public thanks to the preview of the performance called “Flamenco”, which will also take place in:
    - Milano, at Castello Sforzesco
    - Macerata, at the Sferisterio
    - Roma, at Villa Massimo
    - Ferentino, within the Europa Festival

    - 1998. Guesting the dancer José Ruiz within the performance “Tierra y Fuego”, they participate to some of the greatest international dance festival, like:
    - Roma, “Rassegna Internazionale di Danza” in Villa Massimo
    - Fiesole, “Florence Dance Festival Estate Fiesolana”
    - Vignale Danza at the Teatro Filarmonico in Piove di Sacco (PD)

    - 1999. “Tierra y Fuego” in Rome in Valle Giulia within the Festival Mundi; in Sarzana within the ethnical review “Sconfinando ’99”

    - 2000. “Tierra y Fuego” in Francoforte (Siracusa).

    - 2001 Roma. At Teatro Greco with a new performance “Bajo la Luna”, guests: Rafael Campallo, Emilio Cabello, Ana Salazar, José Carrello. The performance has been played for longer than two years in many italian theatres, like: Chieti (Teatro Marrucino), L’Aquila (Teatro Comunale), Pieve di Soligo (Teatro Careni), Castelfranco Veneto (Teatro Accademico), Monza (Teatro Manzoni), Cormòns (Teatro Accademico). Guests are prestigious artists like: the dancers El Junco, El Lebri, Felipe Mato, Jose Ruiz; the guitar players José Toral, Michele Iaccarino; the percussionists Juan Heredia Cortés, Franco Bianco; the violin player Alexis Lefevre.

    - 2004. A new performance “Fuego Flamenco”, coreographied by the dancer “El Junco” and Caterina Lucia Costa, goes on tour in Italy in march in the following theatres: Rimini Teatro Corso; Catanzaro Teatro Masciari; Magione (PG) Teatro Mengoni (2003/2004)

    The company was invited by the Teatro Greco Dance Company during the performances “Carmen” (first dancer: C.L.Costa) and Flamenco Tanzo Jazz, directed by Renato Greco, which made its debut in Rome and was then taken on tour all around Italy.

Mercoledì 15 Dicembre '10
Wednesday 15th Dec '10

Napoli in Flamenco